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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 9th

9 December 1864

Sunday 11th

11 December 1864
10 December 1864
Saturday 10th

Day at home, but after the morning hours wasted away in that comfortless sort of manner which attends an expected breaking up the family circle— Mr Kuhn and Louisa left us at seven to cross to the continent after a stay with us of exactly five months. During this period I have observed with great161 grief the change which three years have made in her condition. An unhealthy sort of existence at Newport terminating in a dreadful illness which has shattered her body and never to an extraordinary degree, now presents her only as the wreck of her former self. Superinduced upon this is the absence of occupations both of her husband and her self which drives them to resources that are fleeting and unsatisfactory in outer life. She feels herself as capable of being more and better than she is or will be, which makes her restless and disappointed. I deeply sympathize with her state of mind, and yet scarcely know how it could be amended. I can only trust her to the merciful and benevolent creator who may watch over her to educe from her present suffering, a more enduring good. They have been with us so long, and she is so active and lively when well, that we shall feel the void they will make in our little circle. Mary seemed much better today, and came down as usual. But her wound still opens. Mr Alward, my new seemed Secretary of Legation, came out by invitation to spend the sunday.

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