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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 11th

11 December 1864

Tuesday 13th

13 December 1864
12 December 1864
Monday 12th

To town with Mr Alward, Mary’s wound once more promised fairly. Found at the Legation the Despatches and letters. Also the newspapers. Charles does not yet improve much. The public affairs diminish in might here. But the war movements as far as they relate to General Sherman’s162 expedition are of the deepest interest. It is more and more certain that the tension upon the Slaveholding people is becoming absolutely intolerable. But there is no opening yet to restoration. The pride of the leaders is not sufficiently broken—neither will it be so long as any hope remains of keeping a strong force in the field. Here is the pinch. The desertion is constant and not to be prevented even by the violent measures which themselves result in loss. This however is a slow process. We must await results with patience. Had a visit from Mr Fletcher, who has come from Brazil, and gives me some information respecting the conduct of Mr Webb, the Minister at that court. This most unfortunate appointment is I fear due to Mr Seward and not to the President. At this crisis I have regarded the place as second only in importance to those of London and Paris. Mr Webb ought to be recalled forthwith. I fear he will not be. Home at five. A small family circle again. But Mary is decidedly better. And I read aloud a story from Dickens’s Christmas Tale.

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