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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 19th

19 December 1864

Wednesday 21st

21 December 1864
20 December 1864
Tuesday 20th

The snow all gone and the day mild. To town where I attended to the work required by the Dispatches. Lord Lyons is returning, evidently to the great chagrin of Mr Seward. I much fear that he will be less disposed to consent to relieve me. The next week will bring me a reply to my application.165 I cannot look forward to the prospect of detention with composure. Attended a portion of the coin sale at Sotheby’s, and made the purchases I desired. The attendance almost wholly of dealers who had it pretty much their own way. Home at five. Quiet evening. Read Professor Goldwin Smith. Lecture delivered at Boston. It is very keen and generally sagacious.

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