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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 26th

26 December 1864

Wednesday 28th

28 December 1864
27 December 1864
Tuesday 27th

Up early in order to return to town with Mr Sturgis in the morning train. The sky was clear and the sun bright with a cold bracing air. We drove in an open carriage to the Station which we reached just in time for the train. From the Watertloo Station I walked home to resume my old mode of life at Portland Place. The cold had penetrated it so thoroughly as to make it cheerless at first. I notice in myself this year an unusual sensitiveness to cold, which is a serious matter in the prospect of a return to Massachusetts winters. Read the Despatches, and performed the customary168 amount of work. Walk in the evening, and quiet in my solitary room reading until bed-time.

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