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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 3d.

3 January 1865

Thursday 5th

5 January 1865
4 January 1865
Wednesday 4th



A mild, pleasant day. The hours fly and I can give little account of them. My mode of life is more unsatisfactory than it has been since I first left Quincy to enter into public service. The suspense about my continuance, the necessity of sending my family to the Continent, the consciousness that Henry is not doing the best for himself by remaining with me and the doubt about the proper disposition of Brooks, all combine to depress my spirits. In addition to this I am growing sensible of the fact that this low time is gradually affecting my own health. I have utterly lost interest in every thing here. If I remain, it will probably be to spend my time in solitude. It is clear that Mary cannot thrive under this mode of life. Her mother must go with her wherever she goes. In all this my embarrassment and anxiety I have only one resource, which is trust in the goodness of the Divine Being, who has been ever so merciful to me. A few days more may give me some light and guidance. I received a little private note from Lord Russell last evening, intimating a wish that I should see him oftener, since Lord Lyons is out of the way. I think he grows better disposed. A visit from one Selby T Hopkins. This is one of a class of cases often occurring. An American from California, he takes it into his head to come to Europe partly for health, and partly to see what he can do in raising money. He brings a small sum with him, and falls into doubtful company in Liverpool, loses all he has, and is then wide afloat He goes to the Consul or he comes to me. We give him a little money, and either he gets off home or he goes drifting God knows where. This man brought a letter from the Governor of California, to me. He seemed in great distress. I gave him a little money and advice. That is all I can do Mr Julius Reuter was here again about his American telegraphic news. He wanted me to get him some official sources of authority— He had tried this before, some years ago, and I had sent his proposal forward to the government. But they never took it up. I offered to do so again. He has I think, tried to be impartial, for which the Times has deserted him, and now another combination called the Associated Press is competing with him. My usual walk through Hyde Park; and a quiet evening at home.176

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