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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Friday 6th

6 January 1865

Sunday 8th

8 January 1865
7 January 1865
Saturday 7th

Mild, pleasant day— Morning devoted to the preparation of my Quarterly public account, and also of my private books down to the new year. Then disposed of the arrears of correspondence, after which I spent some time in looking over a most interesting series of historical jettons struck in Holland during the sixteenth and seventeenth century, which I purchased at the last sale. I have not made a better acquisition to my collection at any time. What a wonderful struggle it was! A visit from Mr Hazard and conversation on finance. While he was here, received the news by the Cuba of the capture of Savannah which completes the brilliant operations of Sherman in Georgia for the last year. Starting from the north western corner in May, he has passed directly through the heart of the State, overbearing all resistance and come out at its principal fortified post on the sea, where he establishes himself and relieves us from the burden of one more point of blockade. There is also intelligence of the expedition to Wilmington which is better than I feared, but still indecisive. Another heavy blow at the rebellion, which is little able to stand under it. I trust that we may be saved another campaign. Walk by the way of Hyde Park which I now prefer to any other. Dined with Count and Countess Bernstorff, the Russian Ambassador Sir Erskine and Lady Perry, Mr Eliot, Sir Charles Wyke, Mr Rosencorne, and three more unknown to me. Singularly civil and complementary to me. Home at eleven.177

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