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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Wednesday 25th

25 January 1865

Friday 27th

27 January 1865
26 January 1865
Thursday 26th

The weather is gloomy and wet, and by no means propitious to invalids. Yet Mrs Adams is decidedly improving. Her physician however is so decidedly opposed to her departure at present that she has once more put it off until next Wednesday. I was engaged in writing the weekly Despatches which were not numerous. Evening walk in a light rain— For days back there has been a struggle between snow and rain for the preponderance, the effect of which has been only to make walking disagreeable. We had to dinner Messr Moran and Alward, the Secretaries, with Messr Palmer and Gaskill, for the purpose of trying an American branch of venison sent out by Mr Wilson the former Secretary. I had asked Mr Morse likewise, but he did not come. There is a remarkable difference in the game of the two countries which may perhaps be owing to the wilder habits of our, and possibly to the variety in species after they went, I continued Dr Palfrey’s volume.186

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