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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Friday 3d.

3 February 1865

Sunday 5th

5 February 1865
4 February 1865
Saturday 4th



The newspapers from America came in today and full details of the brilliant affair at Fort Fisher and the full possession of the Cape Fear river. At the same time I received a later telegram by the China showing that all the forts below had been abandoned likewise, thus putting a total stop to the block running business actively carried on by our British friends. Somehow or other I had abundance of occupation in writing, and made little progress in bringing up the arrears of my Diary which only one days absence had caused. At three o’clock, I ordered the carriage to pay visits. This is one of the duties which from the absence of Mrs Adams falls back upon me. A most irksome one it is. Called and left cards on the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, the Duke of Devonshire, Sir George and Lady Grey and Lord and Lady Stanley of Alderley Then home, after which I took a walk around the Park. In the evening engaged in writing, and in reading Mr Mill.196

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