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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 12th

12 February 1865

Tuesday 14th

14 February 1865
13 February 1865
Monday 13th

The snow remains little affected by the temperature, though a few degrees of rise in the thermometer would make it vanish in an hour. Disposed of the remaining arrears in my table, and for a204 wonder found myself at leisure. This partly owing to the delay in the arrival of the American Steamer which usually fills up this part of the week. I therefore sat down in my chair before the fire, and entertained Mr Mill’s book of Political Economy. One thing I note in him is that he is more free from the narrow prejudices so general among his countrymen than other writers. The English have curious characteristics. They are ill tempered enough to inveigh, when left alone, against every person and thing at home, whilst at the same time they cherish an intimate conviction that there is nothing good out of England. Mr Mill deals with these notions rather roughly. No visitor but a young American woman with a piteous tale which drew a little money from my pocket. The way people drift over the world is one of the marvels—and how they get on after the prospect of a return home is cut off from them. Walk by way of Hyde Park and quiet evening. This is the first day that I have really felt my solitary condition. It has been a little aggravated too from my not hearing a word from the travellers.

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