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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Saturday 18th

18 February 1865

Monday 20th

20 February 1865
19 February 1865
Sunday 19th



A strong gale from the north and west, very uncomfortable. The American news encouraging as far as it goes. The conference is over with no immediate results. To Church in the City at St Mary Magdalen’s212 in Old Fish Street. This is one of Wren’s planning in what may be called his medium style. It resembles St Bennet and St Mary Somerset in its interior. There is a gallery on the north as well as the west side. The ceiling simple but not without ornament. Oak panels and pews, with some carving around the pulpit and sounding board. A high altar piece, with apparently a painting over it too high to be visible. Little iron columns with gilt Corinthian capitals supporting the gallery which I can scarcely help attributing a later period of bad taste. There might have been fifty people in the pews, besides a strong chair in the gallery, in addition to the Charity children. The Clergyman seemed rather feeling in voice at times, His sermon on the temptation of Adam. He seemed to find comfort in the idea that it was not the mere appetite for the taste of the apple, but the desire for knowledge which overcame him. The inference is that God punished him for a motive that did him credit. On the whole this was as weak a production as any. Quiet afternoon at home in the course of which I brought up my work. Walk around the Regent’s Park. Dined with Mr and Mrs Bentson. Dr and Madame Gueneau de Mussy, Mr and Mrs Senior, Mr Browning, Wilkie Collins, Mr and Mrs Lehman and two or three more unknown. A sumptuous dinner as usual. Afterwards we went up to look at the alterations made in the interior, which will be very elegant. Bentson is an excellent man, liberal and kind to all around him, fond of art and literature, and hospitable in a high degree. His Wife is not on his level in intelligence or taste, but she does the honors of his house perfectly well. There was music on the piano afterwards. Home at eleven.

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