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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Thursday 23d.

23 February 1865

Saturday 25th

25 February 1865
24 February 1865
Friday 24th



Warm rain. Customary work today on my private letters,and not many interruptions. At the end of my labors, I had a slight fit of depression— This takes me whenever I begin to entertain the idea of being obliged to remain longer here. The suspense which the government keeps me in is becoming very disagreeable. Not having much real sympathy with either the President or the Secretary makes it worse. Walk to Albert Gate and home. In the evening, attended the meeting of the royal Institution to hear a lecture from Mr John Evans upon the forgeries of antiquities. He ran rather superficially our the different branches of Pottery, bronzes, coins, and flint,and arrow heads, giving however some rather curios information. The hall was well filled but not crowded. On my return I found letters fro my Wife , and Henry, still at Geneva.

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