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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Thursday 2d

2 March 1865

Saturday 4th

4 March 1865
3 March 1865
Friday 3d.

A better day for once. Worked on my private letters, and finished them in good season. Visits from young Baron Holsteia of the Prussian Legation and Mr Barreda. Whilst here I received a telegram from America announcing the surrender of Columbia and of Charleston in South Carolina to the army of General Sherman. Where the war began I should not wonder if it ended. The seat of the virulent disease which has spread so widely has been purified by fire and swords. I should not be averse to the application of the Roman penalty to Carthage. Delenda! The President may fairly claim tomorrow that his pledge of four years ago has been redeemed. The capture of Fort Anderson below Wilmington seems to between the surrender of that place also. Thus is the naval force of the country released from long and wary watching, and what remains but Richmond? Quiet walk by Hyde Park and mediation upon the course of this astonishing war. Dine at home alone for the first time this week. Mr Alward came in for an hours. A note from Henry, announcing the arrival at Naples.224

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