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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Friday 10th

10 March 1865

Sunday 12th

12 March 1865
11 March 1865
Saturday 11th

My day which formerly I called one of leisure has now become one of work. I am obliged to employ it in performing the duties dwelling upon me by Mrs Adams’s absence. I write to her and the other members of the family, bring up my arrearage, and lastly return my visits. Today I received one or two Mr Washburn from Paraguay came in with the diplomatic agent came in with the diplomatic agent from that country, who has a very Indian look. Paid many visits, one of which was to Mr W. E Forster. He was at the same time calling upon me. Walk around the Regent’s Park. Dined at Sir Francis Goldsmith’s. Lord and Lady Cranworth, Lord and Lady Strongford, Mr and Lady Charlotte Locker, Sir John Saw Lefevre and two daughters, Mr Villiers, Mr Milner Gibson, Mr Browning, and others whom I did not know. It was much pleasanter than such sized banquets commonly are. Elegant house and sumptuous table. From hence to the reception of the President of the royal Society— I was late and saw only a few of the last comers. Many curious things exhibited.

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