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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 19th

19 March 1865

Tuesday 21st

21 March 1865
20 March 1865
Monday 20th

Very high East wind which kept every thing frozen out of doors all day, in spite of the sun. A large number of the guests left with Mr Sturgis in the early train. I noted the difference of the season in the fact that last time I did the same thing from here I was obliged to dress by candle light. Three months have flown by in the interval. Got home by ten, and returned to the customary routine of business with just a little returning sense of my lowliness. No visits or interruptions of any sort. A walk, on the whole the most uncomfortable I ever experienced in London Streets. In the evening, read a little of Caesar, and had a visit from Mr Alward. Afterwards, at a reception of Countess Apponyi’s. About as dull as they commonly are. At home in twenty minutes.

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