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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 21st

21 March 1865

Thursday 23d.

23 March 1865
22 March 1865
Wednesday 22d.

Clear and cold. Received a letter from Mrs Adams which I answered at once. Meanwhile, I remain in suspense about my chance of joining her. The news from America today comes down to the eleventh, when the Senate had adjourned, and no nominations had been made either for France or this country. So it appears that I am not to be relieved at present, unless I am more strenuous about it than I have yet been. The prospect is cheerless enough. My tenure of this house extended to the last of September. To attempt a new residence in the state of my family is hardly admissible. What to do then but to insist upon a change. Visit of Mr Forster with the gentleman who is going out as agent for the commission in the middle class schools, early next month. I agreed to give him letters. At ten o’clock attended the second levee of the Prince of Wales. The usual attendance of the Corps Diplomatique, the Ministry and the miscellaneous crowd of Officers and237 citizens commonly gathered together. A little conversation with my colleagues from which I only gather the impression made by the passing debate the other night. It is not unlikely to magnify our importence all over Europe very materially. Home by three o’clock. The remainder of the day and evening quiet spent at home. Walk around Picadilly and Hyde Park.

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