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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Thursday 23d.

23 March 1865

Saturday 25th

25 March 1865
24 March 1865
Friday 24th

The ground white with frost, in the morning, but otherwise the day was pleasant. I worked at my private letters until quite late. Had also a file of American papers which were interesting though they furnish little authentic military news. Drove out to return visits to Mr Seymour Fitzgerald, Mr Ratte and Mr Charles Baxton. This is the same gentleman who treated me so cavalierly when I first arrived. I fancy he is ashamed of his conduct, especially now that the tide appears to be turning. Got the missing letter from my son John, which was so cheerful in tone, that in turn it made me cheerful. Dined at home alone, and spent a quiet evening. reading a little more of the Emperor Napoleon’s Jules César, and a chapter or two from Mr Mill— The missing bag of Despatches turned up likewise, and I was kept up to a late hour reading the contents.238

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