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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 26th

26 March 1865

Tuesday 28th

28 March 1865
27 March 1865
Monday 27th

Not long after breakfast I received a telegram from the Canada giving accounts of the progress of our arms, with Sherman’s arrival in North Carolina, and Sheridan’s destructive career in Western Virginia, all combining to prove that the war in the field is drawing to an end. The depreciation had suddenly dropped form 91 to 65¾. which is no trifling indication of the opinion at New York. It now remains to be seen240 whether General Lee will suffer himself to be shut up in Richmond, which he cannot fail to be in a few days, if he do not take advantage of them to push out. I had several visits. One from Mr E Yarnall, one from Sir Henry Holland, and also from Mr Steward Brown of New York. I also wrote a letter to Brooks at Sorrento. Went out and paid a visit to Mrs Parkes, and to Mr Richard Greenough This abridged my walk a good deal. Dined with Mr and Mrs Lampson. The only people I knew were Sir Emerson and Lady Tennent, and their daughter. The others were peculiarly English people of a class frequently drawn in the novels of Thackeray. The lady on my right at table amused me with her ideas of geography in America. My experience is that in that science women are most generally very ignorant. Why is this? Nothing is more easy to learn, and in some particulars no study is more pleasant. I am afraid the defect is in the modes of teaching. The Lampsons are a family I esteem most highly, but I am not so much charmed with the society of their dinners. I ought however to except Sir Emerson and his family, especially his daughter, who is a very intelligent girl. Home at eleven.

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