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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 28th

28 March 1865

Thursday 30th

30 March 1865
29 March 1865
Wednesday 29th



The news continues good. There are papers among the Despatches of great interest as giving an insight into the condition of Richmond. Now that Sherman has executed his combination I scarcely see how the struggle can last a great while. General Lee had given up all hope in January. Since which the cords have been winding much closer around him. I do not like the tone of some of the Despatches They are of the Aigredoux description which denote doubledealing. I will not be an instrument of such warface. I wrote today a private letter and sent it too, which will I fancy bring me a prompt response. Yet the earliest cannot be expected before the last of April. Busy writing, and especially to my wife to apprize her of my disappointment, which will also doubtless vex her much. My temper unusually ruffled, but I made no sign. Walk around the Regent’s park. Dined with Mr and Mrs Parkes. A very small company consisting of Mr 242 Clarke whom I formerly met there, Mr Fawcett, the blind professor of political Economy at Cambridge, Dr and Mr Hamilton and her sister Miss or Mrs Nicholas. Rather pleasant than otherwise. Mr Parkes prosy as usual, but rather amusing in his recollections of men and things in London. Particularly in connection with the young political economists of the school of Jeremy Bentham and their singular theory of moral restraint. This is yet one of the vagaries of Mr J. S. Mill. Home early.

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