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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 2d.

2 April 1865

Tuesday 4th

4 April 1865
3 April 1865
Monday 3d.

Morning devoted to a careful reexamination of the series of Despatches received of late from Washington with a view to the execution of the instructions. It seems unadvisable to repeat the same application to this government as often as Mr Seward makes it to me. The effect would only be annoying and leave matters worse than before. After nature reflection I decided to embrace the substance of them all in one Despatch, to the composition of which I devoted the whole of my day until half past three. A single visit from Mr Fisher on the part of the family of Mr Cobden to notify me of their loss. I left my card at the house afterwards in token of respect. Went to Mr Bentsens to see two pictures of a Mr Lehman’s which are about to be exhibited at the royal academy this season. One is of a group of pilgrims on first getting a sight of Rome; the other from a verse in Proverbs describing the girl with her distaff. The manipulation of both is very fine. The colouring is also rich. There is talent in painting but the conception is common. The more I see of pictures, the less am I impressed with. It is then as in books. Myriads are produced with more or less of excellence in the developement of ordinary thought. A few rise above the level and earn a durable reputation. Made some other return visits, stopping last of all to see Mr & Mrs Braggiotti, who was Martha Chadwick of Boston. She looks much altered. Walk around the regent’s park and quiet evening at home. Read some of Julius Cæsar which continues decidedly dull, and Mr Mill, whose mathematical problems I do not appreciate in so very uncertain a science as political economy.

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