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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Wednesday 5th

5 April 1865

Friday 7th

7 April 1865
6 April 1865
Thursday 6th



The point being settled of my giving tomorrow, what I had to do today was to address myself to the work of preparing the work of two days in one. I therefore labored in completing my Despatches, and then in writing my private letters home for the bag of tomorrow. This together with some short notes to the family in Italy kept me at my writing table until nearly six o’clock. After which I went out to catch a little exercise. Started for a short trip cityward by way of variety, but in attempting a cut across toward Holburn I got entangled in some narrow streets which resulted in a long and rather fast walk, yet also late home. Today, the air was mild and springlike. Dined at home alone. Mr Alward came in for a short time, after which I went by invitation to Mrs Wodehouse Currie’s to witness the performance of a little one act French piece, called Les Brelis de Panurge. This is one of them inevitable nothings to which French vivacity and social aptness gives life and form in presentation. It was on the whole not badly done, considering the general absence of faculty among the English race, to act with a delicate seizing of these points. About forty or fifty present, Lord & Lady Lynden, Lady Holland and daughters, Sir James Colinller.248

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