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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Friday 7th

7 April 1865

Sunday 9th

9 April 1865
8 April 1865
Saturday 8th

The weather has changed to the very fine, and the trees and bushes feel the effect at once. Morning taken up in bringing up arrears of all kinds. Parliament has adjourned to the 24th. Visits from Sir William Ouseley and Mr Greenough. The former tells me the gossip at the clubs. Lord Palmerston is to be called up to the Lords and give up. Mr Gladstone to take his place, though there is great opposition. Derby too infirm or too indolent to make fight. The Queen taken up a great fancy to Lord Russell. Drove out with Mr Alward to see the Exhibition of French and Romish Artists, at the private view. Exquisite manipulation but no great ideas. The prices are prodigious. Thence to a flower show at the Botanic gardens. Very charming. A stroll over the park afterwards. Evening, finished Napoleon’s worthless book.250

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