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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 9th

9 April 1865

Tuesday 11th

11 April 1865
10 April 1865
Monday 10th

Another summer’s day. Morning taken up in writing, principally of small notes. It makes a great difference not having my son here in this respect. I find that I have not had since the day the family left more than two mornings in which I could devote an hour to numismatics, which251 shows the extent of my absorption, as this men was so before. A visit from Mr Saverly who come to ask if I could attend a meeting of the Peabody Trustees on Saturday. He spoke of the buildings at Islington as so near completion that I was induced to desire to visit them, which I did. A pretty long walk, by the roundabout cause which from ignorance I took. But I found myself in a densely populated district which I never saw before. There are four buildings somewhat resembling in size and shape these at the College at Cambridge, which made the sides of a square. I examined the interior, and bethought myself what the life could be of people who looked upon such quarters as a privilege. The rooms can hardly be twelve feet square, with rough brick walls. Home to dinner and evening alone. Read Lord Russell’s preface to the new edition of his book on the English consitution. The American papers and letters came, which I read also.

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