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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 11th

11 April 1865

Thursday 13th

13 April 1865
12 April 1865
Wednesday 12th



The bag for America is made up this week a day sooner, in account of good Friday, so that my work today was to prepare Despatches as usual in advance. I had also a large number of notes to write. This is independent of many which I devolve on the Secretary. Likewise a letter to my son Henry, and one to Edward Brooks. This fatigue of writing is considerable. Yet when I reflect upon what Mr Seward must have done in this way during his term of office, it looks like nothing. Walk around Picadilly and the east side of Hyde Park, stopping to call at Lady Lyell’s. They were not at home. Solitary dinner and evening. Read several Chapters of Mill on currency, and some of Lord Russell book on the English government.253

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