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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Thursday 13th

13 April 1865

Saturday 15th

15 April 1865
14 April 1865
Friday 14th

Good Friday, which is observed here much as our fast days are in Massachusetts. The Churches are opened for services to the higher classes, whilst the lower seek relaxation and amusement. This day was rainy which is much of a disappointment. I found occupation enough in completing my arrears of correspondence. In the afternoon drove out to return the visits of Mr Fernando Wood and Mr Morgan. Found the former at home with his Wife and daughter. Lord Monteagle was sitting with him, and apparently extending civilities. Mr Morgan was not at home. Walk around the Regent’s Park. Dine at home alone. Mr Alward came in and sat an hour. Conversation about the past four years in which I talked perhaps a little indiscreetly about the trials to which my own government had put me. All this is over now, and perhaps it may be as well to sink the details in oblivion. I can retire now from the public service creditably and honorably, having no sense of obligation to any body for such reputation as I have earned.

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