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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Monday 17th

17 April 1865

Wednesday 19th

19 April 1865
18 April 1865
Tuesday 18th

Quiet day. A number of letters of congratulation from friends. But with me there is still the suspense of anxiety to qualify my joy. Busy writing many notes which consume great quantities of time. Visits from Mr Eads, an officer of the construction bureau in the Navy Department who comes out for his health and a tour of observation. Also two Messr Palmer from Massachusetts. Wrote letters to the family at Rome. Then drove out, accompanied by Mr Alward to return visits. Called upon Mr Stebbins and his family, Dr Ludlow, Mr W. H. Newman, and left cards at the Tennents. There was a little light rain. Quiet dinner and evening. Pursued the study of Mill who does not rise in my estimation as a thinker. Also Lord Russell’s book, which I rather like.256

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