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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Wednesday 19th

19 April 1865

Friday 21st

21 April 1865
20 April 1865
Thursday 20th



Busy in writing my Despatches which this week are not numerous; yet they take up the best part of hte morning. The American newspapers too are full of details of intense interest. I know of nothing in history more astonishing than the scene in Wall Street, when so many thousands of the people burst out in a spontaneous Te Deum, of the hundredth Psalm, followed by the lines of Mr Howe on John Brown. There is an element of grandeur about this whole contest that places it257 far beyond any of the boasted achievements of Roman antiquity. I wrote to Mr Dana an answer to a letter received some time ago from him. A visit from Lord Lyons to enquire if I had any especial intelligence respecting Mr Seward. He manifested quite an affectionate interest in this misfortune. He also seemed rather pleased with the political news, upon which he intimated he had staked a prophecy. Walk to return a visit of Mr Pennington who is returning home, and thence around Piccadilly and the east side of Hyde Park. Dined again with Sir Charles and Lady Lyell. Lady Bunbury, Sir Roderick Muchison, Colonel Mme Murdo, Mr Laugel, a Mr Mohr, or Morse, and some ladies and gentlemen not known. It was rather pleasant. Miss Ticknor is now a guest. There was a reception afterwards, and the inevitable piano, with ladies laboring to sing to people who do not listen. I got away at eleven.

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