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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Friday 28th

28 April 1865

Sunday 30th

30 April 1865
29 April 1865
Saturday 29th

We had today the news to the 19th by the Steamer China. It reports the recovery f the two Sewards, father and son, which is the best of all. Also the capture of his assassin, so that it is is not unlikely we may gain an insight into the nature of the proceeding. Also further military success which indicates a rapid close of the war. Mobile is taken, as is Salisbury, so that Johnson, the remaining commander can scarcely hope to continue the struggle. There are also indications that the new President is more stern than his predecessor, which I fully expected. My day was much less interrupted. I saw the Count de Paris, and Mr Potter. I made up my Quarterly public account and wrote a letter to Mrs Adams. Myriads of addresses and papers flowed in upon me which will make much work for next week. Solitary walk through the Strand to Farringdon thence by Holburn home. Dinner at home and evening. Continued reading Lord Russell’s book.265

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