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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 18th

18 May 1861

Monday 20th

20 May 1861
19 May 1861
Sunday 19th



A mild and pleasant day. I reflected upon attendance on Divine service without being able to decide where I should go. To go to the Episcopal Church involves the idea of selection of some particular place, about which I am entirely uninformed, and gives rise to speculations about the American Minister which have no basis. I know of no worship of the dissenting kind which would harmonize with my ideas any better, so that I prefer to put off deciding this point. I was moreover very anxious to commit to paper at as early a date as possible my impressions of the important conversation of yesterday. This labor took a considerable part of the morning. At half past two, Sir Henry Holland came by appointment for me to go with him to see the Zoological gardens in the regent’s park. The collection of animals and birds is very large and curious. I tis said to be one of the best now in the world. More care144 is taken to study the nature and habits of the reception creatures and to accommodate them. The elephant, the rhinoceros, the Giraffes, the Hippopotamus and the lions and tigers were all in good condition and therefore more worth seeing than those we have at home in traveling menageries. Sir Henry was manifestly cramped for time so that we saw not a quarter of what was interesting. But that is not very material as on week days the gardens are open to the public on payment of a small fee. We returned in time for a walk in St James’s park and through the green park until dinner time. When I speak of we I mean my son Brooks. In the evening I continued the draught of my despatch. A curious visit from Mr Hutchinson, a neighbor in the House.

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