About The John Quincy Adams Digital Diary

John Quincy Adams (JQA, 1767–1848) is one of the great American statesmen. The oldest son of John and Abigail Adams of Quincy, Massachusetts, his distinguished career in public service spanned six decades and included roles as diplomat, secretary of state, president, and congressman. For more than 68 years, JQA kept a diary of his public and private experiences.

Begun on 12 November 1779, the diary grew to over 15,000 pages by the time the final entries were penned before his death in 1848. The resulting 51 diary volumes comprise the longest continuous record of any American of the time and provide an unparalleled resource for students, scholars, and all lovers of history.

The John Quincy Adams Digital Diary will make JQA’s diary truly accessible for the first time by presenting a verified and searchable transcription of nearly 12,000 entries alongside the manuscript page images on the MHS website. Enhanced access to this free resource will include keyword and personal name search ability, along with topical search features based on themes in middle and high school American history curricula.

Through generous support of corporate and private donors, nearly 4,000 pages of verified transcriptions are now available, covering JQA’s early legal and diplomatic career (1789–1801), as well as his time as secretary of state (1817–1825) and president (1825–1829). These are currently searchable by date and keyword. Improved search features will soon be added, along with additional diary entries.


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