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JQA Diary, volume 24 19 March 1795


Neal Millikan Recreation

19. Principal part of the day, writing to America, and sent this Evening my packet to Baron Schubart. Baron Bielfeld called on me, and we took a walk out of the town. Went upon an eminence, which in truth is nothing more than a sand bank towards the Schevening road. Where the late Greffier Fagel, has a wooden building formed upon the model of the temple of the Winds at Athens. From this sport there is a view of the Sea on one side, and on the other of this Town of Delft and of Leyden.

Our conversation was as usual political and metaphysical. As we returned we passed a Lady walking upon the Plein; Bielfeld told me it was Lady Colerain. She is the same person who came about three weeks since to enquire for an opportunity of writing to England. He says she is a woman of extraordinary sense, and values herself upon being a philosopher. But he told me another story, which destroyed all the favourable impressions I had received from her beauty—nimium ne crede colori.