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JQA Diary, volume 27 Day
JQA Neal Millikan Adams Family Finances

Day. On the eve of removing and of taking a journey, my manner of living has not been settled or regular enough for any general statement in this particular. I have now closed my residence in Boston; probably for several years— Perhaps forever— It has like every other period of my life had its pleasures and its pains— The transition from the station and the means of expence I had previously possessed, could not be agreeable; yet I found it less mortifying than might be expected, and easily reconciled my mind to it— I have practiced all the economy I thought practicable, but have needed still more— My accounts I have kept very regularly and have ascertained the expence at which I could live in Boston as I have lived.— I fix it at $2400 a year, besides house-rent, which may be valued at $600 more. My business has given me about $1000; but by some successful dispositions of property, and with the income, I have derived from the Estate I had, my capital has remained unimpaired: it has however remained equally unimproved, and as to the amount of my possessions, I am just where I was two years ago—