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JQA Diary, volume 27 18 March 1805
JQA Neal Millikan Health and Illness

18. Engaged seats in the Stage for Baltimore to-morrow morning— General Turreau and Mr: Marin called to take leave of Mrs: Adams— We went to see Mrs: Boyd, and took leave of her— In the Evening there was a Ball at Mr: Caldwell’s in Georgetown, which I attended with the Ladies; but Mrs: Adams & Mr: & Mrs: Hellen did not go. Dr: Weems was here this afternoon, to see my children, who are both afflicted with violent eruptions; George chiefly on the face and hands; John upon the body— The Dr: decisively pronounced that John had the chicken-pox— He has just gone through the vaccine inoculation, and his arm is not yet healed— George’s complaint I believe has arisen from his diet during the Winter— I was this afternoon quite unwell myself— Great part of the day was employed in packing, and preparing for departure.