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JQA Diary, volume 27 20 March 1805
JQA Neal Millikan

20. Mr: Luther Martin, and Mr: Calhoun called upon us this morning— At 11. O’Clock we sailed in the Packet Samuel Adams, Captain Owing, with a wind directly ahead, and soon after a dead calm— Mr: Burr, and Commodore Preble took passage in Company with us. The calm continued untill 5 O’Clock in the afternoon, when we had not made a progress of more than six miles on our Voyage— A fresh and favourable breeze then sprung up; in half an hour we doubled the North Cape, at the mouth of Petapsco river, and entered Chesapeak Bay—before 10 at Night we had reached the mouth of Elk river, forty miles up the Bay, and just after 11. landed at French-town, which is 18 miles up the river— I went on shore with the ladies and children, and took lodgings for the Night. The rest of the Passengers remained on board the vessel.