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JQA Diary, volume 27 11 July 1806
JQA Neal Millikan Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory (1805-1809)

11. I enter this day upon my fortieth year.— And I this day commenced my course of Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory— An undertaking of magnitude and importance, for the proper accomplishment of which, I pray, for patience, perseverance, and that favour from above, without which no human industry can avail; but which without persevering Industry, it is presumption to ask— I have devoted all the time, which I can borrow from the necessary business of life, for seven years if so much of life is granted me, to this object— Of these seven years, one has already elapsed— My progress has been slow, and my own improvement, upon which is to depend much of the improvement of others, has been very small— Yet, the beginning is now made, and its success is not without encouragement— My lecture was well received, and could I hope that the issue of the whole course would but bear a proportion to the effect of this introduction, I should be fully satisfied— Few persons except the Scholars (the three Senior Classes) attended— Mr: Randall dined here— Shaw was up from Boston— Heard this morning a lecture from Dr: W.