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JQA Diary, volume 27 31 December 1807
JQA Neal Millikan

31. The Committee of Inquiry met at ten— Only four members present. Maclay, Pope and Anderson, with myself. The Reports were finally determined upon, and agreed to be made this morning— The Evidence printed by order of the Committee was ready.— We attended in Senate— And I moved that Mr: Smith should be notified to attend in his seat— He attended, and the reports were read— A debate first arose on the question for printing the principal report, which Mr: Hillhouse opposed— Then some debate on reading Smith’s answers to the Committee’s questions, which Hillhouse very strenuously urged to have printed— The parts however which inculpated Nimmo were so manifestly improper that it was apparent the Senate would not allow the answers to be printed as they stood— Mr: Goodrich finally declared himself against it, upon which Smith who had declared that he was determined to print the whole himself within ten days, agreed to strike out of his answers all that related to Nimmo. After striking it out, it was understood the Answers were then to be printed under my inspection— It was almost 5 O’Clock when we adjourned— The House of Representatives sat still later— They were engaged upon a motion for an inquiry into Genl: Wilkinson’s conduct, instituted Mr: Randolph— Wilkinson this morning posted Randolph in printed Hand-Bills, headed, a Hector unmasked— And proclaiming him a slanderous, prevaricating poltroon— Randolph is said to have declined fighting him, as a disgraced character, on a level with Aaron Burr and Serjeant Dunbaugh— There was a Ball this Evening, at which the Ladies excepting Mrs: Adams, attended.