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JQA Diary, volume 27 1 January 1808
JQA Neal Millikan Native Americans Press
329 January 1808.

1. At Noon I went with the Ladies to pay the customary visit to the President— There was a very numerous company, of men, women and children; but no Indians— Mr: Monroe, and Genl: Wilkinson, were the strangers of principal note,—present— We staid about an hour, and returned immediately home— I employed the day and Evening as usual, but rather more remissly— In the morning I sent the rough draft of the Report on J. Smith’s case, to the Editor of the National Intelligencer S. H. Smith, who requested it for publication in his paper on Monday next— After dinner I corrected the proof sheets of it, as printed for the Senate— It is announced in Smith’s paper of this day with much emphasis, and some commendation.