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JQA Diary, volume 28 4 November 1809
JQA Neal Millikan Court Life and Society (European)

4. This morning, I received from the High Chancellor Count Romanzoff, a written notification, that the Emperor, being now better, had condescended to fix the audiences for me, to-morrow, immediately after his hearing Mass—and that immediately after coming out from the Emperor, I should have the honour of being presented to the Empress.— While we were at dinner Mr: Harris came in, for with a Gentleman from the Commandeur de Maisonneuve, who told me that he, who is the Master of Ceremonies, would call upon me, at any hour I should name this Evening, to arrange with me the ceremonial of my presentation. I named to him seven O’Clock this Evening— He came about 8.— The formalities of these Court Presentations are so trifling and insignificant in themselves; and so important in the eyes of Princes and Courtiers, that they are much more embarrassing to an American than business of real importance. It is not safe or prudent to despise them; nor practicable for a person of rational understanding to value them— M. de Maisonneuve however as an old acquaintance gave me all the information which I could desire— I went this morning to look at lodgings in another Hotel; and this Evening had the host Mr: Bouillery with me— I shall see him again on Monday— Mr: Harris called again late this Evening; and Mr: Smith went out with him, to a Mr: Begwin’sMr: Gray is very unwell