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JQA Diary, volume 28 14 January 1810
JQA Neal Millikan Health and Illness Recreation

14. The weather sat in yesterday, colder than it has yet been this Winter, and still continues so— I paid visits this morning to Mr: Meyer, Messrs: Gluckoff, and Messrs: Raimbert and Montréal— Mr: Gluckoff shewed me a letter from Captain Beckford, at Cronstadt, mentioning the death of two of his men, by the small-pox, on the 9th: and 10th: and that Leighton, his Clerk, lies in extreme danger, with the same disease— At Mr: Raimbert’s I met Mr: Harris, who went with me from thence to call upon Mr: Fisher— We found several of the American Gentlemen with him— Dined at home— In the Evening Madame de Betancourt and her daughter paid a visit to Mrs: Adams, and I went with the Ladies, and visited Madame Colombi, and the Duchess de Serra-Capriola; who is a daughter of Princess Waezemsky. About ten at Night we went to the Ball at Mr: P. Severin’s— I danced Country dances with Mrs: Krehmer, and Miss Dashinka (Dorothy) Smith— At these parties, I am reduced to the necessity of dancing, to avoid gambling at Cards— Mr: Severin introduced to me a Mr: Jacob, a German who has been a professor at the University of Halle—and since, at a Russian University; but who is now about to be employed here in the department of the finances— He has a son, 68about eighteen years of age, who has a strong propensity to the life of a sailor, and wished to know of an opportunity to send him upon a voyage to America— I told him that perhaps such an occasion might offer, by Captain Beckford, to whom I would speak upon the subject if he desired— He enquired if I was the writer of the Letters on Silesia, of which he said he had read a German Translation— And also a critique upon them by the literary Journalists of Göttingen— About one in the morning, and before supper, we came home.