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JQA Diary, volume 29 16 February 1815
JQA Neal Millikan

16. VI:45. I received this morning an answer from my wife to my letter of 27. December, inviting her to come and meet me here— She will come as soon as possible, and will I hope be here in the course of a Month.— Mr Smith came at twelve O’Clock; soon afterwards Mr Dorr called upon me, and General La Fayette, who finding company with me promised to come and breakfast with me to-morrow Morning— I called with Mr Smith upon Mr Crawford, whom we found still very unwell; and afterwards upon Mr Boyd, who was not at home— I took a walk of an hour and a half before dinner— After dinner I paid a visit to Count Marbois, at whose house I found some company; Ladies and Gentlemen; all unknown to me.— He introduced me to his daughter the Duchess de Plaisance, who told me she was born in Philadelphia, but had been taken from it when six months old and from America at four years and a half— She had forgotten the English language, and afterwards learnt it here. I asked the Count to procure admission for me again at the Tribunal de premiere instance, when the St. Leu cause should again be taken up which he promised he would; and he introduced me to two Gentlemen of the Bar, one of whom promised also to procure for me tickets for the Session of the Cour d’Assise at a jury trial. I asked him how the trial by jury was found to succeed here; he said not well— That the Jurors were dissatisfied with their functions and always leaned too strongly in favour of the accused— I went and passed an hour with Mrs Smith; with whom I found Mr R. Boyd; and then went to the Ball at Count Laval’s— The first person I met there was Count Lauriston, who introduced me to his LadyCountess Schuvaloff, General Driessen, the Counts Pahlen, Mr Swetchkoff, and Mr Boutiagin the Russian Chargé d’Affaires were there, with several other Russians and a numerous company of French, scarcely any of whom were known to me— The Marquis de Torcy, General Waltersdorff, Madame de Stael, and her son and daughter were among them— Madame de Laval asked me to come to-morrow at one O’Clock, and see some pictures which are to be brought to her to look at, and which are for sale— I came home just before two O’Clock in the Morning.