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JQA Diary, volume 29 21 July 1815
JQA Neal Millikan

21. VI: I was quite unwell the whole of this day; which together with the number of visitors who came, made me lose almost the whole day. Mr Grubb came with some of the Papers which I had requested him prepared for this Evening.— Mr Sheafe, Mr Prentice, and another person came for Passports— Mr George Joy, made as usual a long visit, and a Mr Cabbell came to say that he had the Plates and Prints of an excellent Chart of the Coast of Algiers, with the soundings of the Harbour, to dispose of. Mr Carroll and Mr Simson, two Americans, who have been masters of Vessells, sent here as Prisoners of War, totally destitute, and without the means of getting home to the United States— They are among the Prisoners sent from India— I promised to speak for them to Mr Beasley, and referred Mr Carroll to Mr S. Williams, to supply him with a small sum of money upon his bill, which he said he was authorized to draw, on several persons in Boston— And I told him that if Mr Williams should decline doing it for him, to come to me again and I would do it— My wife went out of town, Seven Miles, to look at a house to be let for the Summer—and after dinner we took a walk in Hyde-Park— Lord Bathurst sent me the Gazette Extraordinary with the Dispatch from Lord Castlereagh, and one from the Duke of Otranto to him, announcing that Napoleon Buonanarte, had taken the Resolution of going on board the Bellerophon, Captain Maitland a British ship of the Line, stationed off Rochefort.