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JQA Diary, volume 29 27 October 1815
JQA Neal Millikan Health and Illness

27. The pain and inflammation of my eye was so excessive that I had not a moment of sleep the whole Night through; and it produced some feverish symptoms from which I had hitherto been exempt— My wife, and her chambermaid Lucy Hauel, were up with me the whole Night. They passed it in the drawing-room—the Bed chamber being too cold— This day however a fire was made in it. When the Doctor came he reverted again to his idea of the Egyptian Opthalima, and urged the application of Leaches immediately as indispensible. I accordingly consented and about noon he brought and applied six of them to the swelling round the lower eye-lid— Two of them, would not effectually bite, but dropped off within five minutes— The other four bit keenly, and were nearly an hour, upon my face— After they dropped off the wounds they had made were kept bleeding with continual fomentations of warm water between four and five hours— My wife’s kind attention was incessant; but the fatigue, and anxiety, and alarm, together with the hideous aspect of the operation of the leaches almost overpowered her strength. The 333bleeding by the leaches was so copious, that it very much reduced the inflammation, and gave me considerable momentary relief— I rose about six in the Evening; and sat up without leaving my Bed chamber, about three hours.— But on returning to bed; the pain returned in all its sharpness. The swelling continued to increase; and the inflammation returned— I apprehended that the leaches had been of little service, and waited for the trial to-morrow of a blister.— My Son John too, though still at school, is very unwell— I sent the Coachman this day to London, with the Note, received yesterday from Lord Bathurst, concerning the carrying away of the Negro Slaves. My wife enclosed it to Mr Grubb, with a request to him to make a copy of it to send to the Secretary of State— Mr Grubb sent me out two Letters— One, from Mr Maury at Liverpool; and the other from Messrs: Alexander Glennie, Son and Co: Agents for the Navy Department of the United States at London— These Gentlemen inform me, that Mr Richard M’Call, Navy Agent of the United States at Gibraltar, had drawn Bills upon them to supply the wants of the American Squadron in the Mediterranean, beyond the amount of the funds remitted to them by the Navy Department— They intimate that they cannot make any advances, and call upon me to give them an order upon the Agent of the Treasury to supply them with funds. I received also a Note from Mr William Vaughan, requesting to lend him, if I have it, the last Edition of Morse’s Geography, and any other statistical details concerning the United States, for the use of Dr Rees, in the work which he is now publishing— I must at present take every thing ad referendum.