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JQA Diary, volume 29 29 March 1816


Neal Millikan Recreation

29. V:15. Finished my despatch N. 37. to the Secretary of State, and was engaged the remainder of the morning, upon the Journal. I could not however complete the narrative of last Friday—this day week— We dined at 3 O’Clock, and immediately afterwards went in to London. First to Craven-Street; where I found a Letter from Mr Jackson at Paris, enclosing Massena’s pamphlet in defence of himself. A Letter from Mr Rawle, requesting me to present him to the Prince Regent and the Queen— And one from Captain Stuart, offering to take Letters for Paris— Went with Mrs: Adams and George to the Oratorio at Covent-Garden. The principal performers were Braham and a Mr Tinney, Miss Stevens, Madame Fodor, Madame Marconi and Miss Smith— The first Act was a selection from Handel’s Messiah. The Second, from his Acis and Galatea, with an Italian Air from Mozart sung by Madame Fodor— The third Act was a selection from various modern composers— After the first Act, Mr Drouet, first flute player of the king of France’s chapel, performed a Concerto upon the flute, and surpassed every thing that I had ever heard upon that instrument— Braham and Miss Stevens were the best singers. The house was very much crowded. After the second Act was finished, Mrs Adams was unwell and we came away— I left her and George at the Office, and went to spend the Evening (passer La Soirée) at the Duke de la Châtrés— It was half past eleven O’Clock, and the Company was just assembling. It consisted of about a hundred persons— Most of the foreign Ambassadors and Ministers, Lady Castlereagh, Lords Bathurst, Westmorland, Melville, Stafford, Harrington, Mrs Wellesley Pole, the Countess of Jersey, Lady Harrowby and her daughter, Lady Susan Ryder, Mr Chester, Mr Hamilton the Under Secretary of State, Mr Planta, and many others whom I did not know. Prince Esterhazy the Austrian Ambassador was there, with his father, Prince Paul Esterhazy who has very lately arrived in England, and to whom he introduced me— Naldi a performer at the Opera was there, with his daughter, and a french young Lady, and they sung several French and Italian Airs and Duets, with accompaniment of the Piano— Drouet the performer on the flute was likewise there, and played some of the pieces I had already heard at the theatre, and several others— The Duke de la Châtre, told me, that he was appointed premier Gentilhomme de la Chambre of the king, and was only waiting to have his audience of leave of the Prince Regent— He had been to Brighton to obtain it there; but he had been told he should have it at the first levee— Lord Melville, the first Lord of the Admiralty told me, he had heard from the Niger frigate, in which Mr Bagot and his family took passage; from Madeira— The ship met with some damage, from the shock of an Earthquake, which they felt at Sea— It was at the same time felt at Madeira, and at Lisbon— Mrs Wellesley-Pole had no Letters from her daughter, and was very anxious to hear from her— Lord Westmorland told me that my prophecy about the property tax had come to pass; and I told him I was more than ever convinced that I had given him the true reason for the event.— The Spanish Ambassador told me, that he had Letters from Mr Onis at Philadelphia, of 9. February— He writes that some ill-intentioned persons had spread the report that the intercourse between the American Government, and him was broken off; but it was not so— He had only gone to Philadelphia, to see his wife, who was there sick— Fernan Nuñez also told me that he had ordered the appeal of Jurisdiction to be centered in the case of the Sabine; perceiving that it came within the same principle as that of the William and Mary.— I came away a little after One O’Clock— Went to Craven Street—took up Mrs Adams and George, and reached home about half past three in the Morning.— Received Letters from Mr Maury at Liverpool, and from a Mr Caldecott who wishes to remove to America, and requests to see me— The Prince Regent arrived from Brighton at Carleton house the Evening before last.