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JQA Diary, volume 29 3 April 1816
JQA Neal Millikan

3. VI:30. Wrote a short Letter to Mr Maury, and began the preparation of my quarterly account. All the remnant of the morning was occupied with the effort to redeem the arrears of the Journal, which I so far effected as to begin upon the relation of yesterday; which I was however not able to finish it. Walk to Hanwell and Ealing— Evening passed in reading the newspapers, which came in just as we were sitting down to dinner. Read also two or three Scenes of the Amphitryo of Plautus with George— Received a line from Mr J. A. Smith— A note from Mr Chester, with a ticket, for the Admission of the Carriage to-morrow at the gate, upon Constitution Hill—and a Letter from Mrs Eliza Giles— She now says she has discovered it was not her Son, who fought against his Country in the Linnet upon Lake Champlain, but another person of the same name— She apologizes for her request to me in a former Letter to assist her in obtaining her Sons wages, on that statement, and complains, that her daughter has been confined all winter, and that her younger Son, whom she wished me to educate and patronize has had a stroke of the palsy— She appears really to deserve compassion.