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JQA Diary, volume 30 23 August 1818
JQA Neal Millikan Foreign Relations Health and Illness

23. V: Though not entirely relieved from my host of Spiders, and although still suffering severely from the inflammation they had raised upon me, I had a night of sound Sleep, and this Morning took a cooler in a portion of Glauber Salts. Cardelli came and cast the bust, and afterwards dined with us. Mr Bailey was 390also this morning at the Office, and I sent him a Letter to be despatched for the President. Mr and Madame Hyde de Neuville paid us visits, and I had a further long conversation with him upon our affairs with Spain— His avowed Instructions are to do every thing in his power to preserve Peace, between the United States and Spain; and his secret Instructions are to support the cause of Spain to the utmost of his power—. He returned the Memoir of Count de Vergennes upon Louisiana, which he had some time since borrowed of me— After they went away, I received a note from him, mentioning that he had just got a Letter from Mr Onis, and would be glad to see me this Evening at his house or mine— Mrs Adams went there in the Evening, and I called there for her— There was company, and de Neuville told me he would call at my Office, to-morrow at two O’Clock— Mr and Mrs Frye, with Thomas Hellen, and Robert Buchanan, came in after dinner. As is now too usual with me, the Sunday was the busiest day in the week. I wrote to the President but ran in arrear with this Journal.