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JQA Diary, volume 30 11 October 1818


Neal Millikan Bank of the United States Religion Roads Steam Power

11. IV. At this hour we were roused to continue our Journey; I had scarcely been asleep; but the driver of one of our Carriages overslept himself so that we had nearly two hours to wait for him— It was near six when we started from Trenton, but we reached Bristol soon after seven— It is a stage of ten Miles. There we breakfasted and then proceeded in the Steam-boat Pennsylvania, with a high-pressure engine to Philadelphia— We were little more than two hours in traversing the twenty-miles, and landed at the lower Market Street wharf soon after ten in the Morning— We took a hack, and went to the mansion house, Renshaw’s where they were full, and could not receive us—then to Mrs Frazier’s; then to Judd’s Hotel—all full— At last we found apartments at Miss Shinn’s— N. 30. North third Street— Soon after alighting, I walked out to call upon J. Connell, but before reaching his house I met him in the Street. He returned with me to my lodgings—came again in the afternoon and accompanied us to the Roman Catholic Church of t. Augustine where we heard vespers chanted, and, in the Evening, when I went with him to the Baptist Church, with the expectation of hearing Dr Staughton its Minister, but heard instead of him a Dr Skinner, a Presbyterian—reputed to be very violent and furious, 412but whom I did not find so. His doctrines were those of the Presbyterians generally. Much the same as those preached by Mr Larned. But he is not so eloquent—and he read his Sermon. The Church was crowded. Mr W. Jones, President of the Bank of the United States, and his Lady paid us visits this Evening, and invited us to dinner to-morrow— At dinner this day we met several gentlemen as boarders at the house— Mr Wright, a New Englandman; Captain Stith, a Virginian, a Dr Tracy, and an Irishman, who discussed among them the merits of the Clergyman, Skinner, whom I heard this Evening.