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JQA Diary, volume 31 10 January 1820
JQA Neal Millikan Missouri Compromise

10. VI:30. Snow-Storm the whole day, which confined me to the house, and I was occupied in writing the Journal of last Saturday— Cardelli came again and shewed me a petition to the President from his Irishman Wood. We had this Evening Mrs Forsyth, and her daughter Julia, Mr and Mrs Henry Meigs and their daughter, and Dr and Mrs Thornton to tea. We had Music vocal and instrumental by the Ladies, and some of Dr Thornton’s buffoonery— The Missouri Question has taken such hold of my feelings and imagination, that finding my ideas connected with it very numerous but confused for want of arrangement, I have within these few days begun to commit them to paper, loosely as they arise in my mind— There are views of the subject which have not yet been taken by any of the Speakers or writers by whom it has been discussed. Views, which the time has not yet arrived for presenting to the public; but which in all probability it will be necessary to present hereafter— I take it for granted that the present question is a mere preamble; a title page to a great tragic volume. I have hitherto reserved my opinions upon it, as it has been obviously proper for me to do. The time may, and I think will come, when it will be my duty equally clear to give my opinion, and it is even now proper for me to begin the preparation of myself for that emergency— The President thinks this question will be winked away by a compromise— But so do not I— Much am I mistaken if it is not destined to survive his political and individual life and mine.