JQA Diary, volume 31 Day
JQA Neal Millikan

Day. The Account of this Month is no better, but if anything worse than that of the last— The distribution of my time through the day is the same; with the exception that my two elder sons being no longer here, no longer absorb any part of my time. Yet is it none the better employed— Its waste arises from two principal causes. The dinners, and evening parties at home and abroad, in which I indulge the humours of others to the utter sacrifice of my own; and the reading of thirty or forty newspapers almost every day— This Diary is a third, as consuming as either of the others; but being laborious idleness is more excusable— It is my destiny to Drudge.

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29 February 1820

29. VI: Cardelli was here this morning, and I gave him the Petition that I had drafted for him; which he took to Mr Clay, the Speaker of the House of ...
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1 March 1820

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