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JQA Diary, volume 31 13 July 1820
JQA Neal Millikan American Revolution Foreign Relations Health and Illness Recreation Slavery

13. IV:30. I am not yet extricated from the fangs of the Protagoras; but like a bird fascinated by a Serpent, flutter round and round it making continual and fruitless efforts to escape from it— Oh! for a practical knowledge of the proper time, for each thing under the Sun— This morning I bathed in the river alone— At the Office Captain Mullowney appointed Consul to the Empire of Morocco came for Instructions. It is an Office in which there is scarcely ever 390any duty to be performed— There are scarcely three American vessels in a year, that enter any of the Ports of Morocco; and Simpson’s official functions for several years have been confined to drawing for his Salary; and for occasional presents to the Emperor and his family; and ransoming here and there a ship wrecked American Seaman from the wandering Arabs who make slaves of them— Simpson died last March of an apoplexy. Mullowney has been appointed in his place, and I thought it sufficient to send him the standing printed Consular Instructions— But these do not satisfy him and he has come to claim others— I was obliged to ransack all Simpson’s Correspondence of late years to find materials for an Instruction, which I began but did not finish. The intense heat of the weather still continues— Successive visits from Mr Roth, the Chargé d’Affaires, and from Mr Petry Consul General of France, absorbed the Evening— A morning visit at the Office from Mr A. M’Lane Collector of the Port of Wilmington in the State of Delaware, father of one of the members of Congress from that State, and an old military Revolutionary Officer should not have escaped my notice.