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JQA Diary, volume 31 17 July 1820


Neal Millikan Adams Family Finances

17. V: I wrote a short Letter to my son John, which with the Journal of yesterday occupied the morning, and made it near one O’Clock, before I arrived at the Office— Called on my way at the Metropolis Bank, where I found that while my book has been left there to be balanced, I had overdrawn— I mark it, as the first time that this ever happened to me, and as a memento that it may not happen again— Captain Mullowny came to the Office, and took leave, on his departure for Tangier. On his representations I admitted that his Salary should commence from the 15th. of May, the date of his Commission. I wrote to the President, and to T. Waite at Boston— We had as visitors this Evening Mr and Mrs Calhoun with Miss Mansfield: Mr Mariano, and Mr and Mrs W. S. Smith.