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JQA Diary, volume 31 4 March 1821
JQA Neal Millikan U.S. Constitution

4. VII: Sunday— And the Commencement of the second term of the Administration of James Monroe fifth President of the United States. But the Administration of the Official Oath, which the Constitution prescribes that he shall take before he enter on the Execution of his Office, being postponed till to-morrow this day was a sort of interregnum, during which there was no person qualified to Act as President; an event of no importance now, but which might be far otherwise under supposable circumstances. I attended Church at the Treasury building, where a very small Society of Presbyterians now meet, who are building a Church— There were two officiating Clergymen; Mr Campbell the Chaplain of the late House of Representatives, and a Mr Van Coop— Campbell is a man of talents and eloquence, but has some disagreeable peculiarities of manner— T. Cook and Dr Thornton called at my house after Church. I spent the Evening at home writing.